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Ultimate File Manager – Sd Card Manager & Explorer is a simpler option that enables the user to have control over the data in a very easy way.
Explore new ways to manage your files. The file explorer/ file browser offers you a variety of features that make it highly reliable and user friendly. This file explorer/ file manager hd for android not only offers you the ease of storage but also allows you to make changes to the way the files are being stored.

Here are some file explorer/ file browser hd for android features:-

FTP: This is a cool file explorer feature that allows the user to share files with your computer without any physical connection with the help of the ftp server.

SMB Connection: File Manager hd for android provides SMB connection which is a very effective and advanced feature that allows the user to access files to a remote server that is linked to the same network. This is a very secure way to access files using the file explorer.

Multiple Selection: This file explorer & file browser feature allows the user to select multiple files for many different actions such as copying, moving, sharing, and deleting.

Recycle bin: The File Browser-File Manager hd for android has a recycle bin in the application itself, that allows the user to restore the files that were deleted by mistake. It helps the user to review items before permanently deleting them.

Dark Mode: The dark mode feature in the file explorer – sd card manager when enabled reduces the eye strain that a user has to face, as it adjusts the appearance of the app according to the light conditions making it comfortable to use the app at night or in dark environments.

Bookmarks: The File Manager hd for android allows the user to create bookmarks, making it easy for the user to bookmark the files that are of keen importance to the user.

Compressor: The File Manager hd for android allows the user to compress file to shrink their size. Which helps you store more files with less space.

Device App Management: The file explorer and file manager hd for android also displays the user the space that is being consumed by the apps. Providing the user to uninstall or remove unwanted apps to free up space easily.

Recent Files: The recent files column in the file browser – sd card manager shows the recent files (audio, video, document) that were uploaded. Making it easy to find in the file explorer.

Multimedia: The File Manager hd for android allows you to open various files with a single app.

Documents: The file browser-file manager hd for android goes through all your data and filters out all the documents into a documents tab which makes it an easy task for the user to find the documents.

Hassle-Free Experience: File Browser-file manager hd for android provides the user to manage files the way he/she wants to store them. It also enables the user to change the sorting patterns in a way that seems fit, according to the user.

Search: An inbuilt feature in the file explorer and file browser hd for android that allows users to search the files by their names.

There are many more cool features waiting for you to explore in the file explorer and sd card manager.

We are open to suggestions, do review us if you loved the features in the latest Ultimate File Manager – Sd Card Manager & Explorer.

What's new

Inbuilt video player for the video files present in your device along with some bug fixes.


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